Akerbeltz – Merciless Review

As usual to Extreme Metal bands, this album “Merciless” is full of variations and cadence changes. The guitar acquires some charming features as it goes nievely and unpolished as all Metal fans love. I swear I thought “End at the Gallows” was a Motörhead’s “Orgasmatron” cover by its powerful and striking initial with acid vocals that sometimes sound more like barks than human voice. That kind of barking the lyrics is a very appreciated feature as well.

“Merciless” isn’t fast as hell as it would be expected. I guess, as I would expect. I can’t help it to expect fast as hell bands from Extreme Metal. It’s really stringer than I am. Akerbeltz dose and manage pretty well the speedy thing here in the album. Most songs as “Bearers of the Light” have moments of speed and moment cadenced tempos with the kind of go nuts drumming that many bands appreciate a lot. Here the guitars follow the drumming which isn’t a very usual thing anymore as it was in the glorious past. Vocals maintain the speed as if it were the keeper of any sanity that the band still wishes to maintain. This kind of extreme variation of tempos and cadences as it also happens with “Everyone else’s Extinction” takes the fan to a higher of insanity. This track is especially dedicated to this schizophrenic change of tempos and cadences. However it lacks the mesmerizing guitar riffing following track “Litanies of the Restless” and “End at the Gallows” have. The effect both have is kind of insanely mesmerized and crazed timing. On both vocals do a great job giving them more power and heavyness as it goes slowly and sharp as some kind of torturing idealized to go slowly and insanely. The cool vociferation by the middle of the song gives that kind of shrievering we feel sometimes while listening to songs like this one.

“Merciless” will be a great choice if the afn wants to have some Extreme Metal band that experiments all kinds of tempos and cadences and drummings. Akerbeltz play with the sole conception of speed in music. It’s such a pleasure to know that there are still bands like it. My dear fan will get crazy about all the complex rhythm and changes all over this album.

Akerbeltz “Merciless” was released on March 31st via BlackSeed Productions.

Track Listing:

  1. Above the Darkness
  2. Kingdom of Terror
  3. End at the Gallows
  4. Rejected from the Vortex
  5. Bearers of Light
  6. Everyone Else’s Extinction
  7. Litanies of the Restless
  8. The Fall
  9. Zozo Demon

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