ALCHEMIA Launch Music Video For Track ‘Grind’


ALCHEMIA have released a new official music video for the track “Grind“. “Grind” is a track taken from ALCHEMIA‘s album Inception due for digital release on April 30th 2021 via Wormholedeath / The Orchard worldwide. You can watch the new music video below.

Grind” is the first single from Inception album, it is a song that introduces ALCHEMIA’s music with a modern approach, presents versatility in the voice, as it contains extremes between low and high pitch, the lyrics talks about conflicts between our conscious and the unconscious, where one side blames the other for allowing oneself to be placed in unfavorable situations, it has to do with our daily choices and how we mature and grow through frustrations, pain and suffering. This song was chosen for the first video clip because it unites several sound elements and presents the band to the listener.

Victor Piiroja: “The videoclip production was really a fun adventure, it took 12 hours of hard work with our good friends from Caxao Produtora in Sao Paulo Brazil. We’ve put a big team together to create a beautiful and macabre horror story. Once again we had the honour to work with the amazing artist Coveiro Maldito (the king of freak show) and he is our 6th element, we love his work and his presence in the video is really impressive! The makeup was a masterpiece made it by the amazing Meinside, she is our soulmate in the makeup. The lightning and photography were developed by Jota Rugal and he has the unique and dark vision that we need, and Xtudo is the man behind the lenses, edition and post production, he believes in our music and did a beautiful job so mission accomplished.

Heavy, black and death metal, film soundtracks, classical orchestration, dramatic symphonic elements and gothic synthesizers, with lyrics about reflection, conscience, mental imprisonment, phobias and psychological disorders, which exorcise deep terrors of the mind. This is ALCHEMIA, a horror metal group from São Paulo / SP (BRA), created in 2018 by Victor Hugo Piiroja (vocals) and completed by Rodrigo Maciel (guitar), FIFAS (bass), Alex Cristopher (drums) and Wally D’Alessandro (keyboards).

Inception Track Listing:
1. Grind
2. Save Us
3. Inception
4. Haunting You
5. Ashes
6. If Nothing Is Sacred
7. Sacrifice
8. Mind Prison
9. Nightmares
10. Secret Call