ALCHEMIA Sign With Wormholedeath & Announce New Album ‘Inception’

Heavy, black and death metal, film soundtracks, classical orchestration, dramatic symphonic elements and gothic synthesizers, with lyrics about reflection, conscience, mental imprisonment, phobias and psychological disorders, which exorcise deep terrors of the mind. This is ALCHEMIA, a horror metal group from São Paulo / SP (BRA), created in 2018 by Victor Hugo Piiroja (vocals) and completed by Rodrigo Maciel (guitar), FIFAS (bass), Alex Cristopher (drums) and Wally D’Alessandro (keyboards).

Their debut album, “Inception”, was recorded at Fusao e Carbonos studios, produced by Piiroja, in collaboration with Ricardo Campos (Sunseth Midnight), who co-produced the vocals. Mixing and mastering were handled by renowned Danish producer and audio engineer Tue Madsen, who has worked with Rob Halford, Babymetal and Moonspell, among others. The album features dramatic symphonic elements and stunning Gothic synthesizers, arranged and expanded by British composer Jon Phipps, who has created virtual orchestrations for Moonspell, Amorphis, Angra and Dragonforce.

We have many influences on ‘Inception’, from heavy metal, black metal, death metal, film tracks and classical orchestration. At the same time, it presents its own identity”, noted the multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Victor Hugo Piiroja, creator of the project .

In line with the aesthetics of terror in its music, ALCHEMIA presents itself with theatrical and morbid and macabre visual elements on stage, in collaboration with the Brazilian performance artist Coveiro Maldito.

Brazilian artist Carlos Fides, who has illustrated art for bands like Kamelot, Evergrey, Edu Falaschi, was responsible for the disturbing cover art for “Inception”, which is inspired by soundtracks from horror films, dark music and contemporary metal. From conception to completion of the songs, all details have been carefully refined.

I decided to take the time I thought necessary to settle all the details, from composition to mastering,” explained Piiroja. “Now we will start the phase of promoting the work and spreading the concept, theme and music of Alchemia”.

The band stated:
“As an artist we found in WormholeDeath Records our natural home, is fundamental to work with a label that really believes in our vision and in our music, together we will develop a solid and long partnership, focusing on the worldwide reach that the label already have, we are truly confident! Says Victor Piiroja.”

Carlo from Wormholedeath stated:
“When my friend & journalist Carla Morton asked me to check this band out, I have been blown away by the sound and songs of this album. This record is a proper masterpice of Horror Metal and we are absolutely proud to be able to release it in our catalogue. The band’s image is outstanding! Keep an ear on Alchemia, it’s absolutely worthy, you will not find many Horror Metal acts like this hailing from Brasil!”

“Inception” TrackListing:
1. Grind
2. Save Us
3. Inception
4. Haunting You
5. Ashes
6. If Nothing Is Sacred
7. Sacrifice
8. Mind Prison
9. Nightmares
10.- Secret Call