ALEX SKOLNICK On The Next TESTAMENT Album: I’ve Been Catching Some Ideas On Tape’

Alex Skolnick

In a new interview with Science of NoiseTESTAMENT guitarist Alex Skolnick was asked about the band’s future plans and whether they are getting ready to make another album yet:

“Yeah, I have been for a while thinking of ideas, and I have been catching them on tape when I come up with one. Like I mentioned earlier, one of the reasons we are not going to Europe on this tour is because we can get sucked into accepting every tour that comes along. This has happened before and ends up delaying the record by years. It really requires not being on the road, and specially a tour like this, because every day you want to give a hundred per cent to the show and you can’t get into the creative headspace of creating new music, because suddenly, look, you are within ninety minutes of show time, and this is such a different headspace. And then after the show you are exhausted and you need to recuperate, so I think we need a good solid four to six months not being on the road. There can still be some occasional shows, we have a big festival in Mexico in October, and this Metal and Beer fest, where we are gonna play a couple of records in their entirety.”

TESTAMENT, who just recently finished opening for SLAYER on their farewell tour in North America, released their most recent album “Brotherhood of the Snake” in 2016.