ALEX VAN HALEN Reportedly To Join DAVID LEE ROTH On His Farewell Dates

Alex Van Halen David Lee Roth

As previously reported, VAN HALEN frontman David Lee Roth will retire after the last concert of his Las Vegas residency in January.

Now, Outlook India website has reported that Roth also revealed that VAN HALEN drummer Alex Van Halen will be part of his band for the final five dates in January. Although that would be something remarkable, you should probably take this news with a grain of salt since we couldn’t find any confirmation from this or Roth‘s quote actually saying it.

Roth has announced his retirement in a last week interview with Las Vegas Review-Journal, saying: “I’m throwing in the shoes. I’m retiring. This is the first, and only, official announcement. … You’ve got the news. Share it with the world.”

“I’m not going to explain the statement. The explanation is in a safe. These are my last five shows.”

He also reflected on the passing of his longtime bandmate, legendary VAN HALEN guitarist Eddie Van Halen, who died of cancer a year ago.

“I thought I might have been the first, frankly,” Roth said. “I might have thought the Marlboro Man would’ve got me. Hey, Ed, objects in the rear-view mirror are probably me. And my doctors, my handlers, compelled me to really address that every time I go on stage, I endanger that future. I am encouraged and compelled to really come to grips with how short time is, and my time is probably even shorter.”