ALL OF THE DIRT ALL AT ONCE Did It Three Times With “Vire”

All Of The Dirt All At Once is a heavy minimal duo from Melbourne featuring Davd Lees (that’s spelled correctly) on guitar and Joe Forrester on drums. Like My Disco! on crack, AOTDAAO turns up the gain and cracks the snare just that little bit harder, creating a filthy, instrumental sound-storm bordering on doom, thrash and post-metal.

‘VIRE’ is the bands third album and by far their most varied, complex and up-to-11 offering to date. Track one, the 6 1/2 minute epic ‘They Burnt My Car’ has already been receiving plays on Triple R’s ‘Respect The Rock’, This Is Our Sound PBAFM and Triple J’s Unearthed Digital Radio Station. Track three, ‘I Used To See Japanese Doom Bands At Pony,’ shows the band at it’s most fun, melodic and pop-punk. By contrast, track seven, ‘The Lone Pone,’ is an ever-climbing mountain of ambient distortion over the perfect sound-setting for a 1950’s dramatic western. ‘VIRE’ was recorded, mixed and mastered at Tender Trap studios Melbourne late 2017-early 2018 by the band’s longtime collaborative engineer Sam Lowe.

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