ALL THAT REMAINS’ PHIL LABONTE Assures That OLI HERBERT Never Did Drugs And Calls Oli’s Wife A ‘Garbage Human Being’

All That Remains‘ guitarrist Oli Herbert‘s death is getting more and more suspicious and raising lots of unanswered questions besides the controvertional part Oli’s wife Elizabeth took. According to a Blabbermouth report, All That Remains vocalist Phil Labonte rose his voice to defend his former band member against the accysations of being a drug addict. But the burning question is can people get even nastier?

Phil said:

“I think when it comes to the circumstances surrounding Oli’s death, the best thing for me to say is there’s not a lot I can say ’cause there is an investigation ongoing.”

Asked if Oli was a drinker, Phil said:

“No one in the band really does drugs. We’ve got some pot smokers and we’ve got some people that drink… He was never into drugs. He loved playing guitar. Our drummer is the big drinker in the band. Our drummer used to be, like, ‘Oli, c’mon! Do shots.’ And Oli would be, like, ‘Shots are for adolescents.’ [Laughs]

“He would have mixed drinks or whatever, he liked good beers, but he wasn’t into the drinking and stuff. He would have some drinks, but I don’t ever recall Oli… In 20 years, I think I saw him hung over two or three times. He just wasn’t into it. It wasn’t his deal. He loved playing guitar.”

He added:

Oli Herbert did not do the types of drugs that you would associate with an overdose — period. I never saw him do any of the drugs that you would associate with someone that overdoses and dies.”

Speaking about Elizabeth Herbert, Labonte stated that she “was never allowed to be on tour” and added:

“She would come to the local shows, because we couldn’t stop her from showing up. Everyone else in the band — wives, girlfriends, whatever — they would come out on tour, stay for a couple of days, stay for a week. Everybody got along.”

When asked why she wasn’t allowed, the singer responded:

“We made the decision, and she wasn’t allowed because she’s a garbage human being.

“I can’t tell you exactly why he wouldn’t do it or what the circumstances [were] surrounding his resistance. I don’t know. But I can say that I personally talked to him multiple times and said, ‘Look, if you need a place to stay, I’ve got plenty of room. Come to my house.”

Asked about his opinion on the Oli’s death, Labonte answered:

“I do have an opinion on it, but I’m not gonna say. There is an ongoing investigation by the Connecticut state police.”