The trigger for the formation of Allegiance Reign

“It was formed with the idea of expressing Japan’s unique “samurai metal” to the world with a profound symphonic sound with a dashing sound based on the concept of Japan’s ‘Sengoku era’,” says guitarist Takeshi Yashiroyama the main character of the band.

Many foreign bands, folk metal, battle metal, pagan metal, express metal that incorporates its own history and ethnicity. For a long time, there was the idea that a band should have an originality unique to Japan and want to be an original band that can compete with foreign countries.

Viking Metal tells almost the same story as it was happeing in Japan during the Warring States period. In other words, Allegiance Reign were born by the attempt to send out the sound that is not inferior to the quality of foreign paygun and Viking Metal with Samurai Metal.

First battle, and to battlefields in Japan and overseas

On February 5, 2017, which is less than a year after the members gathered in April 2016, we held the first live show at the live house “Kichijoji Crescendo” in Tokyo.
In May of the same year, they performed a live battle show at the support act of French industrial metal band Dagoba, NightShade at Hatsudai WALL, and in July of the same year in Spain at Cain’s Dinasty’s support act. In the same month, the 1st Single “Allegiance Sword” was released and well received. After that, the band has been energetically performing live activities once or twice a month.

In January 2018, Allegiance Reign signed a booking/management contract with Evoken de Valhall Production. In April the band was the opening act for Myrath, Orphaned Land and for NOCTURNAL RITES, Orden Ogan in September. A favorable reception was received at the Mulae Metal City metal event in South Korea.

In March 2020, the band acted as the opening act for Korpiklaani’s performance in Japan. And in April, the first album “Ei Ei O” was released.

Allegiance Reign aim to establish such a Japanese battle metal that makes it possible go back to the samurai era if we close our eyes, and raise a fist in the battlefield while raising the fists.

Based on the concept of samurai’s life, put the will to fight into the sword,I want to work on a song that expresses the sadness of the samurai at that time.

Past and future event information

Unfortunately, due to the influence of corona, Allegiance Reign can hardly perform live. However, the band is steadily preparing for the production of the second album.

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