Alluvion – The Secrets Out

There are bands that are really difficult to label. For sure,  here it is Alluvion with “The Secrets Out” to prove me right in my theory. It’s not Extreme Metal, though “The Secrets Out” has many features from it; it’s not Modern Metal, but it sure does sound like it too; definitely it’s not Heavy Rock, but it does sound as if. So what the hell is “The Secrets Out”?

The one thing I know for sure is that I don’t know. I have no clue. I can’t even say if I consider Alluvion a Metal band. I really don’t like those post-something labels, but I have to admit that in this particular case of Alluvion with “The Secrets Out” post fits perfectly –  as long as it is possible to.

Alright, so let’s run a musical analysis. First of all, the heavyness. Well, “The Secrets Out” is pretty heavy but the thing that bothers the most are the tones. To begin with, guitars are low-toned. Okay, no problem with that at all, many Metal bands use low-toned guitars, but none of them use Fuzz pedals. I really like them, I must say, but in these days very few Metal bands use Fuzz pedals. They were very common to Heavy Rock bands. Now the riffing. “The Secrets Out” has a lot of nice guitar riffs as in “The Purity” and “Weightlessness” with a great dark and gloomy instrumental. Guitar solos. In fact, there are plenty of them as much as any Metal band would have. So, what’s the deal with Alluvion? Metal enough?

My man, so sorry, I can’t say that for sure because the 1960s soft vocals are the ones that bother me the most. Nonwithstanding chorus are also pretty 1960s sweet rock music. Even the most heavy vocals “Teeth” really can’t convince me. I’ll tell you what. Let’s forget all this useless discussion and focus on the music that is really good. Different, annoying, but good. If you mind, focus on the instrumentals that are pretty Metal enough and we’re done.

Alluvion  “The Secrets Out” will be released on september 06th via Over the CounterCultureRecords.

Track Listing:

Watch “Critters” official video here: