Almyrkvi / The Ruins of Beverast – Split

I always like to stress out the review of a sophomore album here at Metal Addicts. It’s always a pleasure to have the honor of reviewing the following album of a band. It’s also very respectful to the bands that make this page grandious because, otherwise, without them we wouldn’t be here. Bands and fans are the most important features in Metal.

Here we have a split album with our known Almyrkvi and The Ruins of Beverast. Almyrkvi show the fan that things change, but don’t change that much. As I always say, I have a paradoxal view on changes. If on hand they are necessary for humankind to evolve; on the other hand if they are forced they loose all the good they could provide. Most of the changes we are experimenting are forced, if you ask me. I praise bands that change their music, but I praise the most bands that keep the flame and maintain their attitude. It’s a signal of strong character. From their debut album “Umbra” to this sophomore Almyrkvi haven’t changed a bit. I guess that there is a little and almost unseen feature that changed. In this album Almyrkvi try some more soundscapes and more standard riffing. The Ruins of Beverast follow the same path and the outcome is a breathtaking split album with a sequence of four tracks that explores all the suffering and the excruciating pain we are all under. As its predecessor, this album doesn’t take easy on the pain and suffering because they are part of our lives after all happiness doesn’t belong to this sad, lonely, and pathethic little planet.

Both bands explore long tracks with an atmosphere of griefing that the bands create using more soundscapes than vocals. By the way, “The Grand Nebula Pulse,” for instance, doesn’t have vocals properly said. There are lots of chants and choirs in it that embellish the mood and give a profane touch to it.  This split album isn’t exactly a Doom Metal, but it’s a spoonful for Doom fans.

Almyrkvi  / The Ruins of Beverast Split will be released on June 12th via Ván Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Almyrkvi – Asomatous Grove
  2. Almyrkvi – Managarmr
  3. The Ruins of Beverast – The Grand Nebula Pulse
  4. The Ruins of Beverast – Hunters

Watch Almyrkvi official video here:

And The Ruins of Beverast “The Grand Nebula Pulse” official video here: