ALPHA BOOTIS Unveil New Track ‘Jump To Alpha Bootis’

Space disco synth metal band ALPHA BOOTIS have released their new single “Jump To Alpha Bootis” via V13. The song is from their upcoming album of the same name which will be released later this summer.

The band comments:

We are so proud to team up with the fine scribes at V13 to unveil our new single ‘Jump To Alpha Boötis‘ today! This song has been evolving for 5 years to reach your ears today, and we’re eager to read your comments and reactions! Take a listen, and share it with a friend!

The Jump to Alpha Boötis album is a reimagining of the band’s first few songs that they wrote, re-conceptualizing them into something new and invigorating. These new versions are more reflective of where ALPHA BOOTIS is currently positioned as a band, with each song featuring added guitars, acoustic drums, rethought basslines, and saxophone that’s intermixed with their synthwave-powered sound.

The songs story:

Twenty-five years after her father’s interstellar exploration mission suddenly vanished from sight after passing Pluto, Captain Nalanie Kuhlmann and her crew are nearing Neptune’s orbit. Their mission is to venture beyond the edge of the outer solar system and activate humanity’s crowning technological achievement: the hyperdrive engine of their shiny new USS Neon. As they near the end of their 33 month cruise through the solar system, they are ambushed viciously by the double-crossing Dr. Goldwin’s minions. Surprised and outnumbered a thousand to one by the swarm of killer robots, our heroes have no recourse but to attempt an emergency hyperdrive jump. As the ship drifts out of conventional space-time and into an hyperspace bubble, the world as they know it fades around them. Will they make it? What awaits them in the Arcturus system? Will they ever see the Earth again?

Telling us the story behind the song is Ozymandias who said: “When we started ALPHA BOOTIS we only had this song, and no idea of where our music would take us, and how it would evolve during the trip. Playing this song live at every show has given us a proper understanding of what makes it tick, and allowed us to push it to its full potential.

Jump To Alpha Boötis‘ is a song about leaving a familiar world to explore the stars, only to end up in a very different world from the one you thought you were going to discover. If that’s not an apt metaphor for ALPHA BOOTIS trajectory in the past four years, I do not know what is.