ALTER BRIDGE Release Music Video For New Single ‘Wouldn’t You Rather’

Alter Bridge Walk The Sky

On the heels of the recently announced US co-headline tour with SKILLETALTER BRIDGE has released the first song and music video from their upcoming sixth studio album, Walk The Sky. 

“Wouldn’t You Rather” has already started to make noise at radio and the companion video is now available. The clip, directed by Dan Sturgess, is a performance video that showcases the quartet comprised of Myles Kennedy on vocals/guitars, Mark Tremonti on guitars/vocals, Brian Marshall on bass and Scott Phillips on drums.

For over 15 years, ALTER BRIDGE has been a band known for blurring the line between hard rock and heavy metal. Recorded in a way never done before, the album was born from complete song ideas created by Kennedy and Tremonti.

These songs would then be worked on by the entire band to create the fourteen songs that would make Walk The Sky the listening experience it is. This varies from the band’s previous method going back to their sophomore release Blackbird where Kennedy and Tremonti would combine individual ideas and riffs alongside producer Michael “Elvis” Baskette to form some of the band’s most revered songs.

From the opening vocal melody on “One Life” to the moving finale of “Dying Light,” ALTER BRIDGE have created a formidable addition to their music catalog. Songs like “Godspeed,” “Native Son” and “Walking On The Sky” are sure to be early additions to the live set. “Forever Falling” also marks a lead vocal return from Tremonti with Kennedy taking the chorus as done previously on the Fortress favorite “Waters Rising.”

The track listing for Walk The Sky is:

  1. One Life                                                      
  2. Wouldn’t You Rather                                             
  3. In The Deep                
  4. Godspeed                                   
  5. Native Son                                  
  6. Take The Crown                                       
  7. Indoctrination                                                           
  8. The Bitter End                                                          
  9. Pay No Mind                                              
  10. Forever Falling                                                          
  11. Clear Horizon
  12. Walking On The Sky
  13. Tear Us Apart
  14. Dying Light
Alter Bridge Walk The Sky