ALTER BRIDGE’s MYLES KENNEDY Calls GOJIRA ‘Most Important Metal Band Right Now’

Myles Kennedy

In a new interview with Rock Sverige, Myles Kennedy said that ALTER BRIDGE‘s new song “Walk the Sky” was inspired by GOJIRA, and even went to described them as the most important metal act in the world right now.

“When I wrote that riff, I had certainly been listening to a lot of GOJIRA, so it was something that I could see was totally rubbing off on what I was feeling at the moment,” Kennedy said.

“I think that they’re, in my opinion, the most important metal band out there right now,” he continued. “They’re moving the needle as far as newer bands go… bands within the last two decades.

“They blow my mind and the cool thing about GOJIRA is that they’re also incredibly cool guys, for as talented as they are. They’re really just stand up, great individuals, so I’m definitely rooting for them. They’re special.”

When asked what is about their music that he finds so special and interesting, Myles responded: “I think it’s just that it’s smart. It’s not just pure cookie-cutter metal riffs. To me, it’s not status quo. They’re trying to do something unique between the way Joe [Duplantier, guitar/vocals] approaches things with his guitar parts and his brother [Mario Duplantier], who’s a genius drummer…

“I think a lot of the rhythms that take place under a lot of the riffs really help establish their sound and that’s part of what makes them so unique. I mean, I could just go on and on. There are just so many elements and the visual elements are great too.

He adds: “Their production is amazing and they’ve just got all the boxes checked. They’re really a groundbreaking band and they’re going to be around for a long time.”