Ambush – Infidel

The loyal fan – thanks to you, my dear friend! – that reads our reviews here at Metal Addicts knows that I never do cranks and pranks about the bands and their names. Ambush is a name that gives the fan the perspective of some trap hidden or something else, I guess. In general the surprise is no good. However, in this case here the trap is the good music Ambush do in “Infidel” grounded on the good old Classic Heavy Metal of the NWOBHM. Well, I really don’t know if it is really a trap, but whatever. The good old fan of the NWOBHM will get addicted and trapped to the bones with this good old album. Hey, there is too much good old…

What sparkles the attention in “Infidel” is the neat and careful treat the guitars and all the instrumentals receive by the band. The guitar sequence in the middle of “Leave Them to Die” is pristine and neat as it is the guitar riffings and the drumming which gives the song its proper cadence. I would also highlight the anthemic chorus. Following track “Hellbitter” has that guitar riff that the fan has heard a dozen times but which still makes that good effect the band expects to. As I always tell about clichés, they exist because they are needed, and work indeed. As I told before it is really difficult for a band that proposes to play the NWOBHM to avoid clichés. First of all because fans ask for them; second of all because the music asks for them. The thing is that the band has to deal with them the more proper way they can. Listen to the guitar duo in “The Demon within” and tell me if it isn’t fantastic.

Ambush honestly, and smartly, try not to reinvent the wheel. The wheel has been already envented as most people know. Of course, Ambush give their contribution to the world of Metal music. “Infidel” is neat and pristine. It sounds real good. Just the way the fan likes.

Ambush “Infidel” will be released on March 13th via High Roller Records.

Track Listing:

  1.  Infidel
  2. Yperite
  3. Leave Them to Die
  4. Hellbiter
  5. The Summoning
  6. The Demon Within
  7. A Silent Killer
  8. Iron Helm of War
  9. Heart of Stone
  10. Lust for Blood

Watch “Hellbitter” official music video here: