Amon Sethis – Part 0 The Queen with Golden Hair Review

Ancient Egypt has been inspiring the arts for a long time. Movies, operas – Verdi’s “Aida,” for instance -, TV shows – the Stargate franchise is just one of them-, and Metal bands. Just a few days ago we reviewed a band that had it as their inspiration. Well, “Part 0 The Queen with Golden Hair” is a concept album full of details and very carefull with them as opening track “The Legacy from the Past” with a speech in the ancient language – as it seems to be. This album seems just to be the first part of so much more, if Amon Sethis have the chance.

There are lots of references of Ancient Egyptian culture in the album besides the use of the language. Some of the oriental instrumentals as in “Osiris, God Of The Dead” try to be related to the referred time and epoch, however, they are more a holywoodian reference than anything else. So sorry, guys. But the outcome is really cool. It seems that Amon Sethis have done a careful and neat research to record and write the songs of the album. “Part 0 The Queen with Golden Hair” melts lots of Metal references in its Power Metal roots. The hidden intention of the album may have been to be an opera rock or something like that as many tracks have a strong grip of Sympho Metal. As some concept albums, “Part 0 The Queen with Golden Hair” has its tracks all connected telling a story. In the case here the story mixes love, hate, and Power Metal with some history facts – or so. For more disturbing that it could be, and it is, “My Sister, My Love, My Pharaoh” tells a facete of Ancient Egyptian life that many doesn’t know, or try to forget, that incest was common into the royal family. Better leave that behind, isn’t it?

The 14 tracks of Amon Sethis “Part 0 The Queen with Golden Hair” go so fast in a very smooth way. It’s the sign of a good album that the fan listens and it pleases. It’s the kind of album that one just lets it play. To listen with no regrets.

Amon Sethis “Part 0 The Queen with Golden Hair” was independently released on December 12th.

Track Listing:

  1. The Legacy From The Past (Intro)
  2. Nitocris the Queen with Golden Hair
  3. My Sister, My Love, My Pharaoh
  4. The Conspiracy
  5. The Secret Letter
  6. The Rise of Aoutef’s Army
  7. Lost in the West
  8. Desert Storm
  9. Osiris, God of the Dead
  10. Mask of Wrath
  11. By the Torture
  12. Eternal Love
  13. The Blood Red Temple
  14. From Dust to the Stars

Watch “The Blood Red Temple” official video here: