AMORPHIS Announce Limited Edition Shape-Vinyl ‘Brother And Sister’


Today, AMORPHIS kick off the pre-order for their shape vinyl single “Brother And Sister,” that will be released on December 18th, 2020 via Nuclear Blast. The single is limited to 666 copies.

Keyboarder Santeri Kallio comments: “Two great songs from ‘Queen of Time’ sessions in vinyl which is great. Athmospherical ‘Brother and Sister’ and majestic prog-driven ‘As Mountains Crumble’ were also good candidates for the Queen of Time album final tracklist, but in the final run ended up as a album bonus tracks to give special edge for different releases. With this release it is great to see these songs get more attention they deserve.”

Track listing:

A-Side: “Brother And Sister
B-Side: “As Mountains Crumble”

Next week, on October 23rd, AMORPHIS will also release two special vinyl versions of Queen Of Time: A Clear/Red/Gold-Splatter Vinyl and Gold/Black-Splatter, that will both be limited to 250 copies.

Amorphis Brother And Sister