An Interview With CRYPTOPSY’s Christian Donaldson

Christian Donaldson

I recently had the absolute pleasure to have a discussion with Christian Donaldson from CRYPTOPSY and this was a gem of an interview for me. He is a swell fellow as well as a guitar virtuoso. It’s not very often that you meet people with talent like that who are still very good people. The interview is as follows.

D-Rock: First and foremost, being from Canada, what do you think about American beer?

Christian: Dood! You guys have the best micro breweries in the world!

D-Rock: Ha ha! How do you feel about dumping the label and going indie? Bands want to know!

Christian: Label wise do you want my opinion? Or Flo’s?

D-Rock: Both please!

Christian: He is super happy, I’m kinda against it.

D-Rock: Can you tell me why you are against it? It sounds like a good deal to me. Why is going indie so f**ked up?

Christian: Their is a lot of work to be done, and you better have a lot of connections to get all the media, the publicist, the stores in the world. I think its not the band’s job,but Flo is right telling that the labels are a bit greedy.

D-Rock: Some times connections I thought were good ended up being bulls**t. Would you rather have all of a little or a little of a lot?

Christian: Well, I think the best of the best would be to have the perfect balance, but I’m thinking utopic now. Their are way too many bands for the label to not take advantage of them.

D-Rock: Who made you want to play? Who made you want to even start?

Christian: Probably like 95% of the players out there! Metallica in 92. I’ve been lucky enough to have an angry life to bring it further.

D-Rock: You don’t seem angry to me. You are very cool.

Christian: Hahaha! Yeah, I did meditation a lot! And I met my wife! \m/

D-Rock: Awesome! How long have you guys been married?

Christian: Not so long man, since April!

D-Rock: It has been an absolute pleasure speaking with you man. Thank you so much for your time. I’m sure you guys are very busy. Keep belting it out and I can’t wait for what’s next from you fellows.

Christian:  All the pleasure is mine, sometimes I feel its a little strange to experience how far things can go in life when you believe! But Yeah dood, I’m just a passionate who loves what I do.

As a CRYPTOPSY fan, I also love what they do. That was a very fun interview for me. Watch this guy shred below!