An Interview With EYEHATEGOD’s Mike IX


Mike IX from the band EYEHATEGOD was kind enough to sit down with me for a little Q and A. He is really cool, down to earth, and genuinely a really nice guy. The following is what was asked and answered.

D-Rock: Hello Mike, My name is D-Rock and I would like to ask you a few questions if you could spare a little time. I will be as brief as I can as I am sure that you are a very busy man.

Mike IX: No worries, but yes I am very busy…

D-Rock: Who inspired you to pick up a mic and start writing?

Mike IX: So many different artists and musicians, painters, writers, you name it… Alice Cooper, Geezer Butler, Charles Bukowski, Nick Cave, Darby Crash, Greg Ginn, Charlie Manson, Clive Barker, Anthony Burgess, Cheetah Chrome, John Lydon, Rainy, Dylan Thomas, George Carlin, books about crime/drugs, Ace Frehley, Stiv Bators, Raymond Pettibon — I could go on forever…

D-Rock: What other bands were/ are the current members a part of?

Mike IX:  Since 1979 – Teenage Waste, Suffocation by Filth, Crawlspace NOLA, EHG, Arson Anthem, Corrections House, The Guilt 0f…, Mike IX & the Southern Nihilism Front, Outlaw Order…Then guested with Marginal Way, Strong Intention, other s**t I forgot…

D-Rock: What lineup changes have gone down in the past and do you care to discuss why?

Mike IX:  Mostly bass players, different ones on different albums and tours… Long story about certain individuals…New drummer Aaron now.

D-Rock: How long has The new drummer been around and could I get his last name? How did you know him before he was in the band? How is the chemistry?

Mike IX: New drummer is Aaron Hill or Aaron Hell. he’s been in the band over a year or two now and the chemistry is great, like any semi-tight knit group. He fills Joey’s shoes perfectly.

D-Rock: What are your favorite/ least favorite places in the world to play?

Mike IX: All are favorites… Warsaw, Brooklyn, New Orleans, Athens, Cleveland, Berlin, London, Portugal. No least favorites. As long as there is a crowd and energy, we give 1000%.

D-Rock: What are the coolest and most f**ked up things to ever happen at one of your gigs?

Mike IX:  Such vague questions… What exactly do you mean?

D-Rock: Well, In relation to the coolest and most f**ked up things to happen at gigs, other people you listen to just being there or storming the stage without f**king the music up. Fan’s being drunk douchebags. Club owners paying you more/ less than expected. You know? Shit like that.

Mike IX: Well yeah all of those are true. Its fun to have the fans riot and dance on the stage while diving off, We’ve met most of our heroes who’ve stood and watched us play (most of which are now good friends we talk to regularly), on the other hand Ive had fans land on my head, smashing my face on the mic, lots of bruises, black eyes cuts, gashes, just from playing but that is a part of the job. One thing I hate is when one of EHG‘s amp blows out and people expect me to entertain them, which do we…. I tell jokes and talk nonsense. Drunk fans are funny or assholes it depends, most of the time I wanna punch them in the face!!

D-Rock: What did you do for a living before you became a professional musician?

Mike IX:  I have and will avoid REAL WORK until the day I’m buried… Shit jobs mostly though like painting houses, washing dishes, dealing drugs, stealing. You learn how to survive… I’ve lived off of a lot of women and also been homeless and broke.

D-Rock: What would you say to the little guys who blast your music until their mom’s yell at them and they just turn it down enough to make her happy and keep jamming? You know, the ones who have your picture on their bedroom door. What would you say to them?

Mike IX: I’d say the same thing anyone who loves, breathes, and lives for rock and roll would say; Never EVER stop and CRANK it back up as soon as possible… I love our fans, without them, all bands are NOTHING. We shake every hand & hang out as much we have time for and appreciate what the kids do for us. I thank every person who tells me “Thank you” – I thank’em right back…Those people are the life’s blood of the music; buying shirts, records, patches… I know because I was one of those people and still am.

D-Rock: As am I sir! Thank you so much for your time, It has been an absolute pleasure! You have no idea how much so.

Mike IXNo problem. Send me the link when its ready… Thanks!