Anael – Mare Review

For reasons I absolutely don’t know there are weeks that concentrate releases of some subgenres of Metal. I don’t know if record companies make a deal or something like that, but some weeks do belong to some subgenres. This first week of February belongs to the moodier facts of Black Metal. Sometimes I have the habit of giving a quick listening to some albums before writing. I do that to choose among them and I noticed at least three albums with this musical intent. So, before choosing this Anael “Mare” I went through two other albums. Even though I like the combination of moody passages and aggreessive ones very tight and cool, one has to be in the mood to write and listen about them. Isn’t it ironic?

Extreme Metal has provided us very pleasant surprises through the years. I wrote in the article “Black Metal: the avant-garde of Metal” that the most exciting and surprising things I’ve heard these days are into the label Extreme Metal. Anael “Mare” prove me right once again with tracks that go beyond genre exploring all facets of extreme music and some other. Opening track “Odyssey” does justice to its name being a trip through moods bouncing moments of a kind sweetness and cruel violence. Of course, besides being very well-played and performed. The track goes in an amazing violent mood change until its end. I still get surprised with all the changes bands can make in only one song. Following track “Anachron” follows the same plot with mesmerizing guitar riffing that makes the fan get trapped into them. Guitars here are very creative and simple. As I always say it’s what you play it, but how you play it. The intention means everthing in music. The most incredible thing about “The Glass People” is that in first chords it’s possible to findo some pop references and sonancies. Of course, when they are put here intentionally the outcome fits the profile. This track is the most moody of them all with lots of strummings and sweeter things. Here it’s possible also to feel that the guitars ar a bit naive by the built of the passages. However, as I said before they fit perfectly. Paying close attention to all features of “Mare,” I also noticed the name sof the tracks are there to fit the intent the band wanted to give the album. I mean, they’re meant to be a part of a whole, but not as a concept album, they are a whole thing.

Here we got an album full of intense moods and moments. The keyboard that appears in “Sophia” and “The Darkness Within” gives them the perfect embellishment and wrapping. It’s interesting that Anael use its most common tones. Those tones are the ones that made  that special appearance. “Mare” is here to please metalheads of all breeds.

Anael “Mare” will be released on February 04th via Into Endless Chaos Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Odyssey
  2. Anachron
  3. The Glass People
  4. Sophia
  5. Dreamtide
  6. The Darkness Within

Watch “Odyssey” official video here:

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