Ancient Altar – Cosmic Purge Foie Gras

Funeral Doom Metal. The nearest, and slowest, version of Black Metal due to all the relevant similarities. In fact, it’s hard to laymen accept that both are Extreme Metal, and by that I mean that both are very difficult to digest, even to metallers due to their specific characteristics. From where I’m standing, sometimes it’s easier to review a Black metal band than a Doom one. Doom is very peculiar, and for sure, not for everybody. That’s why, I guess, there are so many that accept them as pure underground music. We’ll never see a Doom band in the charts, whatever you may look for. On the other hand, Black metal bands may be once in a while.

The very beginning of “Cosmic Purge Foie Gras” impresses, or depending on whom is listening, threatens. The macabre and funereal voice gives the impression that we’re leading a black mass and going the seven depths of hell. It’s not difficult if you close your eyes. It also jumps to the eye the extreme quality of the guitar interventions. They’re not only melodic, but very well put in a hell of a combination with the voice that we have the pleasure to listen from the seventh to the eighth minute. Not only the sepulchral voice have an important place in “Cosmic Purge,” but also the Franciscan voice that interweaves the song. The effect of “heaven” and “hell” is fabulous. As I keep on telling, Metal is full of contradictions and dialects. “Cosmic Purge” is a track for dia hard fans, no doubts about it.

Then comes next “Fois Gras” – the hell of a name? -, where the said effect is inverted because it begins with the Franciscan voice to go in acrescendo to reach the dinger and somber voice it was heard in “Cosmic Purge.” But still, the guitars keep doing the same great job. From all Doom bands what I’ve heard this year, Ancient Altar are the most instrumental competent band of all. The difference is in the details – details are hell, as an important writer once said. We have a very cohesive instrumental job here, and that’s one of the things that calls the eye. “Fois Gras” is long – of course! -, but the word boring never comes to mind as the song goes on because Ancient Altar exactly knew how to keep the listener attention.

“Cosmic Purge Foie Gras” is an album that may be difficult to digest if you’re not that really addicted to Metal. From my point of view that’s exactly what draws the attention to them. Metal will be always underground. Once in a while a band or another can reach commercial success, but that’s not the rule.

Ancient Altar “Cosmic Purge Foie Gras” will be released on April 19th via Black Voodoo Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Cosmic Purge
  2. Fois Gras

Watch the EP here: