And Silence Remains – S/T

The kind of album you expect a song named “And Silence Remains.” So it would be the band And Silence Remains, the album “And Silence Remains” and the song “And Silence Remains.” You think it’s a joke, well, Iron Maiden have an album called “Iron Maiden,”a song called “Iron Maiden;” Black Sabbath have an album called “Black Sabbath” with a song named “Black Sabbath.” Is that enough? Yeah, I guess so. I’m out of examples… Oportunity to be among the huge lost, my brothers. well, to be fair with the band Rush also lost the oportunity. Their debut album “Rush” there was no track named “Rush.” Fair enough.

“And Silence Remains” is a combination of Running Wild, Grave DiggerHelloween and some Edguy with an epic accent. Just by first track “Götterdämmerung” and its following “In Sorrow” the fan perceives those influences. The melodic guitar phrases give the tune and it goes on and on all over the album. The combination the band does with melodic guitar phrases and harsh vocals takes the fan by the guts. It’s so energetic that it is impossible to listen to it all and remain still. Only silence remains – ops, I promised to make pranks or puns with bands’ names.

Two out of ten tracks in “And Silence Remains” are ballads with a bitter sweet taste. “The Devil Within” sounds as if the devil wityhin has come to get the fan by the legs. There are zillions of ways to pass this bitter taste to the fan, but the band chose the best. From where I’m standing I find this mix a pleasure. Metal is the kind of musical styles that really knows how to deal with contradictions, and how do I call them? If you said dialects you nailed it, my dear fan!

“And Silence Remains” an album to the fans of the good and old Power Teotonic Metal with the taste of piracy. If you said Running Wild, you nailed it again.

And Silence Remains “And Silence Remains” was released in January via Records DK.

Track Listing:

  1. Götterdämmerung
  2. In Sorrow
  3. Tales from the Crypt
  4. Te Deum
  5. Raising the Dead
  6. The Never
  7. Far Beyond
  8. See No Evil
  9. The Devil Within
  10. When Darkness Falls

Watch “The Devil Within” official video here: