Andreas Kisser has responded to Max Cavalera‘s recent comment that he wishes he had been able to keep the SEPULTURA name after the band’s classic lineup fell apart more than two decades ago.

In a recent interview with Broken Neck RadioMax said that “the one thing” that he would do differently is he would have held on to the SEPULTURA name and never lost it. “‘Cause it was ours; we created it,” Max said, referring to himself and his brother. “That’d be one thing that probably would be smart — be smarter with your own stuff. Don’t let people take it over, like how it happened.”

Asked by Metal Wani‘s Carl O’Rourke if he has “any thoughts or perspectives” on Max‘s comments, Andreas said (as transcribed by “No, not at all. That’s his opinion. What can I say? We did what we did, and he chose the path to go, and we chose ours. All I can say [is] regret is something very — how can I put it? — very bad to feel. I see stuff that we might have a different opinion, or, ‘Ten years ago, if I [had not gone] A, I should [have gone] CD,’ and stuff. It’s not a regret. I think it’s a lesson. You have to learn from it, and not be crying out about, ‘Oh, I should do this,’ ‘I should do that,’ and think about why things are [as] they are now, and learn from mistakes, let’s say. In that sense, I have no regrets; I have just moments of learning. [Laughs] Because if you have regret, you’re always gonna be there, I don’t know, somewhere in 1996 — you’re not gonna leave that place. Because you’re always gonna be thinking about that: ‘I should do that,’ ‘I’m supposed to do this and that.’ That’s very bad for your health, it’s bad for your spirit, it’s bad for everything — relationships with people and everything. So I prefer to see it as, as I just said, regret doesn’t exist. It’s just a way of learning. It’s a lesson. [It’s] not pleasant, but that’s where we learn.”