Andrew W.K. – You’re Not Alone



 I live in Minnesota where our winters are long, cold and dark. Much of the season I find myself seeking a soundtrack to match- spending many hours poring over Black Metal tracks that speak to the harsh silent beauty of the snow and ice. With the spring thaw comes the desire for more upbeat fare and right on cue comes Andrew W.K.’s new album “You’re Not Alone”.

Not only are the tracks upbeat, Andrew is essentially the Tony Robbins of the metal world, interjecting his own brand of guru like self help and party like there is no tomorrow sentiment into every track.

You’re Not Alone” is Andrew W.K.‘s first album in 8 years after enduring long legal battles with his former business manager and penning advice columns for several publications. It continues his campaign to become the party king of the world. The album, as with his previous releases, contains several tracks with the word “party” in the title but in order to understand Andrew W.K., one must understand his definition of partying. Partying for him denotes life in a state of gratitude and happiness. Partying hard represents putting a concerned effort into living a meaningful life.

The album wastes no time launching into Andrew’s party world with the anthem like “Music is worth living for”, a notion we can all agree on. The production is crisp, loud and bombastic, delivering a pop rock musical to ratchet your heartbeat and tap your foot to. Over his past albums, Andrew – an accomplished pianist, has experimented with different sounds and textures. This album feels like the truest synthesis of those ventures. Here he blends rock guitar and rhythms with the best and most seductive pop hooks and synthesizer riffs.

“Ever again”, the first single continues the forward energy with Andrew W.K.’s heartfelt lyrics about moving forward and never looking back at past failures. The album also contains three spoken word snippets which, more than song introductions are like daily affirmations. They offer bridges between tracks and contribute a Broadway show like ambiance of the record balancing dialog and music. “Party Mindset” offers the first chance in the album to catch your breath. It is a low key, almost Beach Boy like tune that meanders infectiously. The pace of the album rarely relents from there with feel good hit after feel good hit. The album ends with the title track which ironically begins with the line “Your journey’s not over, it’s just begun”. Leaving the exhausted but inspired listener with final gems of Andrew’s sage, rock prophet wisdom and guiding them into the great unknown. Hopefully that unknown includes future albums of this caliber from Mr. W.K.

Track Listing:

  1. The Power of Partying
  2. Music is Worth Living For
  3. Ever Again
  4. I Don’t Know Anything
  5. The Feeling of Being Alive
  6. Party Mindset
  7. The Party Never Dies
  8.  Give Up on You
  9. Keep On Goin
  10. In Your Darkest Moments
  11. The Devil’s on Your Side
  12. Break the Curse
  13. Total Freedom
  14. Beyond Oblivion
  15. You’re Not Alone