Angel City Rockers – Angel City Rockers

An album opened by Motörhead “Ace of Spades.” An album that talks about the nonsense and crazy aspects of life. An album that makes the debauchery its point. An album that invites us to party. An album that relives all the crazy and insane L.A. scene  from the 1980s. Yeah, we’re talking about Angel City Rockers and their self-titled album which is arriving right now as fresh as it can be.

As most paradigmatic as it may seem after decades of the extreme use of the L.A.’s scene hard rocking formula, “Angel City Rockers” still sound fresh. It sounds fresh because their thematic has never gone away. People still like to listen about sex, cars, nonsense, party, and the fun aspects of life though, again, decades of other kinds of music deny. “Angel City Rockers” show there is something else in life than suffering, pain, despair, and the darker side of this crazy thing called life only to attain to Metal thematics –  I won’t even dare to cite other kinds of music just because they don’t matter at all. From this point of view it is great to listen to it loud, very loud.

Tracks like “Live It Up” and its party mood reminds us that life is something else. I mean, I’m not too fond of these ‘happy moments’ in music, but I tend to joyfully get to them when a Metal band does so. Its power and energy are the things that really catch us. It’s really difficult not to. The double-bass drumming in the beginning of  “Do or Die,” the bass lines and guitar riff brings us back to what Quiet Riot used to do in their “Cum on Feel the Noize” era. Pay close attention to the guitar lick circa the second minute. “Dirty Movie” begins as if Guns N’ Roses still were in the scene with their “You Could Be Mine.” Of course, as a tradition, there is an acoustic ballad called “Eveytime,” which works just fine. Musicwise, “Angel City Rockers” is a trip around the most prominent and energetic features of 1980s L.A. scene. Love it or leave it.

Angel City Rockers “Angel City Rockers” was independently released.

Track Listing:

  1. Ace of Spades (Motörhead cover)
  2. Live It up or Give It up
  3. Do or Die
  4. Crazy Nights
  5. Dirty Movie
  6. Everytime
  7. Bang Bang Baby
  8. Lie to Me

Watch “Live It up or Give It up” official video here: