Angel Sword – Rebels Beyond The Pale

angel-sword Emulating the classic era of metal is a strong tendency nowadays. That’s what Angel Sword in “Rebels Beyond The Pale” does. And they do it very well, I must say. Regular people can’t understand why a bunch of young guys instead of following today’s fashion, adore music that’s been made some thirty years ago. For us it’s just a blessing that they do that! If I were back to the 1980’s, and somebody lended me their vinyl, I would appreciate it very much because they don’t look like a sketch or a pale copy of the big bands of that time, they created their own music, their own style, and let’s agree with that, it’s ridiculously difficult to achieve that.

Technically speaking the band has no virtuosos, nobody there will ever be remembered as references in their instruments, and that is one thing that works fantastically well! They function as a band! They built their songs to work in a band, not to highlight anyone of them, as some bands do. Everything is placed correctly: vocals, guitars, bass, and the drums. But there is one other thing that makes Angel Sword and “Rebels Beyond The Pale” a masterpiece. Their heart! Angel Sword is a band full of heart and passion. Songs like “Midnight Survivor” and its guitar phrases reveals an amount of emotion that is impossible not to mention. “Break The Chains” and “Heavy Metal Nights” are also shinning pieces of metal art.

You can check them out at

You can also visit the band’s page at Bandcamp and purchase their albums at There are three of them, and feel free to purchase all!

Track listing:

  1. Devastator
  2. Lords of Thunder
  3. Midnight Survivor
  4. Lightning Runners
  5. Break the Chains
  6. Lawmaker
  7. Heavy Metal Night
  8. Sign of the Raven
  9. Witches Never Die