ANGELIQUE Announces Departure Of Vocalist CAMILA OLIVEIRA


Through their social networks the Symphonic Metal band ANGELIQUE officially announced the departure of their singer Camila Oliveira, who will be looking for new plans and projects for her career and leaves the group in a friendly way.

Even with her departure, the vocals recorded by the singer will be maintained and ANGELIQUE‘s debut album will feature her participation and will soon be officially released to the public.

Check out the note posted on ANGELIQUE‘s social media:

“Hello guys.

“First of all, we know that we have been absent from our social media in the last few days after the release of our last single “Desert of Deceits,” and unfortunately, that period was just a lull before the storm.

“We don’t have a simple way to make this announcement, so going straight to the point, it is with regret that we announce the departure of our singer Camila Oliveira.

“We wish her luck in her plans and projects, and here we make it clear that she will always be welcome at ANGELIQUE, and will always be part of our history.

“With her permission, the voice recordings made for our album Genesis will be maintained, and the final track of the album will feature yet another participation by Ludmila Reis (singer of the band DOOREN), who agreed to help us in the completion of the recording process of the album.

“We are now heading towards the unknown, in the difficult and important mission of finding a new singer and continuing our journey.

“We would like to thank everyone who has been with us so far, and we guarantee that our determination remains as strong as ever before in doing what we love: MUSIC.

“With thanks to everyone here that the band has been conquering such a large space in such a short time, so our thanks to each one of you!


Jonathan, BeltaneTristesse, Lincoln, Bruno, John and Guilherme.

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