Angelus Apatrida – S/T Review

ANGELUS APATRIDA self titled album This the kind of album that goes into it direct with no regrets or hard feelings. “Indoctrinate” opens up “Angelus Apatrida” leaving the fan breathless with the ferocius musical attack Angelus Apatrida deliver. “Indoctrinate” has no foreplays and goes right away to the subject opening the album with such force that may leave the fan a little dizzy. As all good invitation cards, the track shows all the musical prowness the band has showing its the usual competence. A living proof that Thrash Metal can go beyond. With a powerhouse of guitar riffs and angry vocals and the combination of the usual Thrash Metal instrumental features with Speed Metal ones, Angelus Apatrida recorded a killer album. And the most important, the band doesn’t forget all the wrath, rage and anger that the subgenre must have keeping the fan’s head banging all the time.

Thrash Metal to me is one of the most predictable subgenre of Metal. I said it once, I said it twice. When you get a Thrash Metal album you know what you’ll get. No more, no less. The thing is even the most standart track of “Angelus Apatrida” as “Rise Or Fall” is absolutely unexpected due to the musical prowness of the band. Even though using many clichès of the subgenre, the band does sound fresh and new. Thanks to the guitar riffs and licks powerhouse. There are songs that have some taste of Metallica, but the band really knew how to disguise it. Inspirations are inspirations as I always say. But I guess, Angelus Apatrida sound so different is because of tracks as “We Stand Alone” with the feel and taste of Speed Metal. The same happens with “Into the Well.” These Speed Metal features, mostly in the vocals, spice the album up giving it the unique feeling. Pay attention to the sharp and melodic twin guitars at the end. Priceless.

I have no shame to say that this is my first contact with Angelus Apatrida. As I said many times it’s impossible to keep up with all releases in the Metal world, but, of course, we try very hard. I was astonished by the ferocious pounding heart the band showed, in each was a surprise by the form they keep the Metal flame high. The kind of album that makes me regret not knowing the band before.

Angelus Apatrida “Angelus Apatrida” will be released on February 05th via Century Media Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Indoctrinate
  2. Bleed the Crown
  3. The Age of Disinformation
  4. Rise Or Fall
  5. Childhood’s End
  6. Disposable Liberty
  7. We Stand Alone
  8. Through the Glass
  9. Empire of Shame
  10. Into the Well

Watch “The Age of Disinformation” official video here: