ANGER MACHINE Take The ‘Trail Of The Perished’

ANGER MACHINE are a five-man metal band from the Netherlands that simply won’t be pigeon-holed. But if you were to take the sound of Lamb of God, trashy riffs, Pantera-like grooves and guitar solos that take you all the way back to the great metal bands of the eighties, and throw them together, you might actually get pretty close.
ANGER MACHINE were founded in 2015 by graduate guitar player Thijmen den Hartigh. The rest of the band are former classmates from the academy of music Martijn de Jong on guitar, Corné van der Vlugt on drums and Merijn Kloosterman on bass. From 2019 on, Metal Factory graduate Remus Stingaciu takes over from former vocalist Tim Koole.
The band’s sound is modern, characterised by groovy, fast parts combined and alternated with melodious and harmonious guitar play. The tracks are catchy and packed with hooks. They’ve been written in such a way that, despite the variation in style, each track still forms a single whole. Apart from excellent songwriting, the band distinguishes itself through modern vocals and high-quality guitar solos. ANGER MACHINE forgo fancy intros or light shows, relying instead on their expertise: bombarding the audience with their music, brutally tight and with unparalleled energy. What you see is what you get. And that’s the secret behind the band’s ability to sweep an audience off their feet in no time and send them home again feeling satisfied.
On September 24, 2016, ANGER MACHINE start playing live shows after the release of their first EP “Unbreakable.” The EP is criticised for the quality of its production, but the band is not averse to a bit of constructive criticism and decides to ask producer David Hazeleger for their next release. Less than a year later, on September 2 2017 the single “Warpath” is released. The production is spot on and so the band decides to continue working with David on their first full-length album “Trail Of The Perished,” which will be released on July 6, 2019.

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