Anger Machine – Trail of the Perished

You know that I never make puns with bands names or albums names. No, sir. Never. That put I won’t say that “Trail of the Perished” by Anger Machine has everything to do with anger. I’d rather say that “Trail of the Perished” has a great guitar work full of amazing and inspired guitar solos and riffs. The kind that make you go bananas – Why is that when I always say that I hear a minion saying it? No, no, no more puns or jokes or pranks. we are serious people here, people. Ah, come on! No more repeating works to make effects.

Alright, seriously now because this band deserves it. Anger Machine are a great piece of Metal carnage; just the band you have to show your friends as an example of great Metal stuff. “Disconnected” is the perfect song to open up an album like “Trail of the Perished” just because it shows everything Anger Machine has got. It’s fast, furious, intense, and frantic as all good Metal should be. In musical terms, “Trail of the Perished” could be labeled as Death Metal, but the 1990s Metal based instrumental means a lot more. All the thrashy and groove riffing and passages tell us more than the usual. Of course, vocals are pure Death Metal, but the whole piece means much more. “Trail of the Perished” is an album that is able to transcend all labeling. Despite all the joke I did before, Anger Machine shows off all the anger, wrath, and fury a Metal band has to discharge into one’s head. as I mentioned above, what calls most the eye is the guitar work. It’s not only about the technicality, but also the use of many tecniques as well as scales fitting them to each song. If the songs asks for a major scale, here it is; if the song asks for a pentatonic scale, there it is. That’s what very skilled guitarists do. “Trail of the Perished” is full of great guitar moments, but the best is in “Dpown” and all the twists it has.

Anger Machine and “Trail of the Perished” have everything all metallers like in an album. It’s no surprise at all, but an album of gret Metal quality and intensity.

Anger Machine “Trail of the Perished” was self-released on July 06th.

Track Listing:

  1. Disconnected
  2. Conquer All
  3. Trail of the Perished
  4. Created to Corrupt
  5. Loss of Solace
  6. Down
  7. Vanquishers
  8. Red
  9. The Abominable
  10. Bittersweet

Watch “Trail of the Perished” official music video here: