ANGRA’S Felipe Andreolli Admits ‘Kiko Will Always Be Part Of The Family’

We all knew that, but bassist Felipe Andreolli admitted it to Sonic Perspectives when asked about Kiko’s departure affected the band – Kiko was an active member of the band from 1992 to 2015 when he joined Megadeth. Check it out:

“The creative dynamic has changed a lot, but everyone is much aware of what is the concept of the band, of what we’ve brought to the scene, style-wise.

“So, it was fun, because now we try to capture the best out of everyone individually, but make it all our best to fit into a frame of different styles, a variety of stuff that we’ve been doing.

“So, it’s fun, because we are kind of recycling our own history.”

About Kiko’s replacement Marcelo Barbosa

“First of all, he’s not a touring guitar player. He’s a full-time member. That’s an important distinction to make. [Kiko is gone] for the time being. He’s in Megadeth, we’re in Angra. We have different paths right now.

“Kiko will always be part of the family; he’s still involved in the business, somehow, but Marcelo is a full-time guitar player and we do not see the future without him, either way.

“Actually, I’ve known Marcelo for many years because I have played with him in Almah as well and I actually was a big part of picking him for Almah at the time. We became such good friends. He’s my best man. We are very good friends and I think the chemistry works on and off stage, which I think is very important.”