Another LINKIN PARK Fan Commited Suicide

A 15-year-old from the city of Godoy Cruz, Argentina took his life away by imitating Chester Bennington‘s death.

Cronica reports police found Linkin Park music on the dead boy’s phone and that “his death is linked to the suicide of Chester Bennington.” The boy hanged himself with a belt and was found by his mother.

The source further reports that “the parents, according to court records, related the death of their son with the recent suicide of the leader of the American rock band.”

Sources close to the investigation also noted (via Google Translate):

“The Suicide of the singer of Linkin Park may have functioned as a trigger of the decision since they found lyrics of the songs of that group in the boy’s phone.”

Yesterday, it was reported that another Linkin Park fan and a mother of two took her own life following Chester’s suicide.