Anthony Vincent Sings ’12 Songs In The Style Of The Nightmare Before Christmas’

10 Second Songs‘ mastermind Anthony Vincent has taken a deliciously spooky turn with his newest video, “12 Songs in the Style of The Nightmare Before Christmas.” Taking on not only a broad range of songs–from Screamin’ Jay Hawkins “I Put A Spell on You” to Rob Zombie’s“Dragula”–and creating individual pieces from the ‘voices’ of specific Nightmare Before Christmas characters, Vincent has taken on some of the most iconic Halloween party favorites and brilliantly filtered them with iconic Danny Elfman orchestration.

Check out the video below.

Anthony Vincent stated: “This was my first attempt at tackling an orchestral sound for an entire piece/video, and it was a challenge, a lot of fun and something I’m interested in exploring more as I go. But in this case, I had a lot of fun because I love Halloween and anything Danny Elfman/Tim Burton.