ANTHRAX Sued For $1 Million Over Ugly Hanukkah Sweater


As Detroit Free Press reports, ANTHRAX is being sued by a Detroit artist and businessman, Aaron Cummins, who claims the band is selling sweatshirts featuring his blue-and-white Happy Hanukkah design. In his lawsuit, he states that he registered it with the US Copyright Office in 2013. He has since been selling the item through his Detroit company Wet House.

Cummins claims that the ANTHRAX Hanukkah sweater featuring his design first popped up online around last September and continues to be sold online at

Minnesota based Rockabilia buyer Frankie Blydenburgh told the Detroit Free Press that bought the ANTHRAX Hanukkah sweatshirts from a company called Global Merchandising Services, which is also a defendant in the lawsuit.

“It’s up to the merchandising companies we buy from to get the items cleared and make sure there’s no [copyright]issues.”

Cummins is seeking at least $1 million in damages, claiming his whimsical blue-and-white Happy Hanukkah design is showing up on ANTHRAX sweatshirts, which are being sold for $28.99 on