ANTHRAX’S FRANK BELLO Puts Gasoline On Fire: The ‘Big Four’ Of Thrash Metal Were Expanded And Renamed The ‘Big Five’

In an interview to australian Twinmusix, Anthrax’s Frank Bello talked a little about one of the biggest controversies ever in the world of thrash metal:

Exodus, because we have been there from the very beginning. It is hard because we have all been there for a really long time. Testament, Overkill and there is a lot of great bands.”

“I think we should of done one of the “Big 4″ shows in Australia because I think people would have loved it.”

“Maybe you can talk to James Hetfield for me and make that happen [laughs]. I really wish for the Australian people that we could have a ‘Big 4’ show you because it is so special. Let’s face it, all four bands have grown up together. The way I look at that I would love to bring a package, I am not the big man on the totem pole though. We have to make that happen because I love playing with all those guys I really do.”