ANTHRAX’s SCOTT IAN: The Biggest Mistake Metal Guitarists Make When Covering AC/DC

ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian talked about metal guitarists covering AC/DC tunes, singling out what he sees as the top mistake many axemen make. He explained on the Sixx Sense show (as transcribed by

“I hate when people cover AC/DC with like a really super high-gain crunchy metal tone. It’s all wrong. You’re not listening.

“If that’s what’s you think AC/DC is, you’re wrong! It’s clean. They have one of the cleanest tones of all time. No, they’re not metal, they’re rock ‘n’ roll band.”

Scott also sang praises of the latest Axl Rose-fronted incarnation of AC/DC, saying:

“I hope they make a record [with Axl on vocals]. I want to hear it.

“I know Axl’s a big fan of AC/DC and even when he was singing with them – from what I was told – Angus was even letting Axl like, ‘What do you wanna play?’

“So we saw them at the [Madison Square] Garden, they played so much stuff off the ‘Powerage’ album that I had never even heard live before. Like ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Damnation,’ ‘Riff Raff,’ so many cool songs.

“If they would have done ‘Down Payment Blues,’ I think I would – ‘I’m done! I’ll never go to another show again! That was the best!'”