Antiflesh – Hossanna Review

Here we’ve got an album with many, but many moods and shifts and atmospheres. “Hossanna” is an album that will surprise the fan by the relentless search for new moods and movements Antiflesh created here to create an atmosphere of chaos and mayhem. The first thing I can say about the album is that it never gets boring because the band crafted a movement bound album. I mean, there is no song that repeats each other here. Each one has its own flavor and mood.

Musicwise, “Hossanna” goes from the most simple mood to a very intricate and complex music playing as a track as “Black Dawn” showcases the fan with its infinite shifts of cadence and speed. There are also some very interesting guitar riffs in the album as the ones in “Et Gloria in Saecula” where the guitar seem to be walking through a carnival of terrors. By the way, it would be a very nice idea to get “Hossanna” and turn it into the soundtrack of a terror movie. I say that because all tracks have their own white noises and effects that sound as if they were from a movie. Maybe that’s the idea Antiflesh followed from the beginning. The orchestral – and grand – final of “Et Gloria in Saecula” pictures this with flying colors. To some extent, it’s possible to say that the album revives all the epic moments of Old School Heavy Metal turning them into a Black Metal thing. The guitar overtones in Kres Istnieniaand its cadence take it to a Doom Metal realm. It’s funny to think that at first this was the first that crossed my mind. I found the album so very near the features of Doom Metal that I thought it would be some kind of hybrid.

“Hossanna” is an album full of greatness and pomp. It’s not a Symphonic Black Metal album, but Antiflesh really knew how to use some symphonic features to enlarge the global view of the album. I’d say the album is really larger than life in many aspects. The constant movement it makes looking for the best sonancy is a stapler of the band.

Antiflesh “Hossanna” will be released on Juneth via Theogonia Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Ceremony of Black
  2. My Name is Death
  3. Interludium I
  4. Black Dawn
  5. Et Gloria in Saecula
  6. Kres Istnienia
  7. Interludium I
  8. Impaled Flesh
  9. Holy Poison
  10. Interludium III
  11. Black Manifest
  12. Funeral Whore

Watch “Kres Istnienia” official music video: