Anubis – Eternal Youth, Eternal Night Review

Power Metal at its best. No kidding. This album is everything we expect from a Power Metal band. Those are generous doses of melody on vocals and guitars, extremely well played guitars with generopus doses of up and down scales – most of them, but in general major scales – uptempo drumming and a fiercy and epic mooding. “Eternal Youth, Eternal Night” an EP that delivers all of them in only three tracks. The mood in the album is a combinação of the 1990’s Power Metal of bands as Hammerfall, Sabaton, Dream Evil, and others with hypnotic guitars and less melody – when I say less melody I’m comparing to 1980s Power Metal bands, my dear fan –  and 1980s bands as Helloween, Gamma Ray, Stratovarious, and others faster and more melodic. Each track of the band represents one of those epochs I mentioned. But my dear fan may ask “Hey, you said there are three tracks in the albums. How come?” Yeah, that’s right. It’s because of the tracks has some mixed efforts that I’ll elaborate latter.

The album is kicked off by “Anachronism” a track that recalls the mighty 1990s Power Metal as I said before. Fast guitar riffings, uptempo drumming, acid vocals with less melody and more anger. “Anachronism” has lots of arpegios and up and down scalings as Power Metal guitarists adore. The melody here acquires a different angle. Vocalist don’t let the voice free so much, they hold the pitches a little. Following track “Symbiotic Serenity” follows the 1980s Power Metal book. Vocals now have lots of high pitches as Judas Priest’s Rob Halford made them famous. Guitars solos in general are faster than flamboyant in technicality with lots of twin guitars. It’s the Power Metal Helloween made famous. Tittle track “Eternal Youth, Eternal Night” mixes both influences. Fun fact is that when I heard for the first time I sensed some Slayer in it, but now I feel it more a combination of both Power Metal styles. On second thought, I totally got it wrong. This track has much more of Helloween than any other in the album. My bad. I liked a lot the guitar solos.

Here we’ve got an album that will please Power Metal fans. The ones that love speed and melody and lots of guitar solos in the speed of light. Well, it’s totally my league.

Anubis “Eternal Youth, Eternal Night” was released on April 15th.

Track Listing:

  1. I, Anachronism
  2. Symbiotic Serenity
  3. Eternal Youth, Eternal Night

Watch “Eternal Youth, Eternal Night” official video here: