Anvil – One and Only Review

It’s been two years now, Anvil have pleased us with their 2022’s album “Impact Is Imminent,” which showed a band with lots of respect to its past. It was also the first Anvil’s album we reviewed here. Anvil a band with so legendary that it is hard to tell all their history with few words. The tittle “One and Only” means a lot for a band like them. Anvil are really one and only. There’s no shadow of doubt about it.

My dear child of the night who knows a little bit of Anvil’s career might have noticed the band’s flare for change. Besides being the pioneers of Speed Metal and Thrash Metal, the band recorded albums with a very varied sonancy. It’s some kind of true that there is no Anvil album like the other. This newest release called “One and Only” couldn’t be different. The album is a dive into the band’s past with the taste of some old bands as their countrymen Helix and Alice Cooper. “One and Only” has the unique of the 1980’s. The more I listen to “One and Only,” the more I think it was somekind of homage to their countrymen Helix. Album opener and tittle track “One and Only” plus “Rocking the World” do have the taste that adresses me to the band immediately. There are songs as “Dead Man Shoes” that got the grip of bands as Motörhead with the iconic bass and guitars of “Ace of Spades” era. Bottomline, this album is a trip top the past not only of the band’s, but of metal music’s as well. I see it as a homage to the bands that played along with them in their long and glorious career.

If you want to know a Hard’n’Heavy Anvil “One and Only” is the album for you. Here the band forgets its pioneer and avant-garde facete delivering us an album totally from the 1980’s. Maybe the band decided to record an album with a sonancy they were lacking. As comments frontman Lips Kudlow on the new album: “We’ve dropped all our more modern aspects, particularly the 90s version of Anvil. No sexual topics and no thrash speed songs like they featured on past albums.” That’s it!

Anvil “One and Only” will be released on June 28th via AFM Records.

Track Listing:

  1. One and Only
  2. Feed Your Fantasy
  3. Fight For Your Rights
  4. Heartbroken
  5. Gold and Diamonds
  6. Dead Man Shoes
  7. Truth Is Dying
  8. Rocking the World
  9. Run Away
  10. World of Fools
  11. Condemned Liberty
  12. Blind Rage

Watch “Feed Your Fantasy” official music video here: