Apes of God – Procession of Death

Only the name of this band provides a rich and deep discussion: Apes of God – clearly inspired on the eponymous Sepultura song. As tempting as it may seem, I’ll won’t discuss this matter here. As you all know I always avoid controversy and this arid discussion, but for you to think, aren’t we all apes of God?

Well, let’s go to Apes of God “Procession of Death,” shall we? 

Apes of God are a straight-ahead Death Metal band as their 1980’s peers. It means that songs are with a complex guitar player full of layers of sound and riffing. Drumming is fast as the speed of light with some touches of hardcore, especially in the breaks. Sometimes it seems a bit discordant, but that is the charm of Apes of God. “Procession of Death” was recorded, I guess intentionally, in low tones seeming to have had a poor production. But it’s only the appearance, the charm of it. That’s why I used the term intentionally.

There are six tracks in “Procession of Death” and two of them are alive recordings. So, that’s why “Empty Hell” appears twice. They are all of short duration, in the range of the three-minute average. Besides the low-tones, the frenetic cadence also calls the eye. “Evil Spirit Incarnate” and “Humanicide” examples well this feature. This kind of drumming is heavily influenced by hardcore and it gives a kind of “groovy” vibe to songs. Apes of God follow a very healthy punk attitude that is to go straight ahead to the subject. There’s no need for useless flourishes. Just pass the message. And Apes of God’s message is brutal and visceral. BTW, there are no guitar solos in “Procession of Death.”

Track Listing:

  1. Angel of Mayhem
  2. Dying Breed
  3. Empty Hell (Live at Megarock Festival 2018)
  4. Empty Hell
  5. Evil Spirit Incarnate
  6. Humanicide

Watch “Evil Spirit Incarnate” official video here:

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