Apophanous – Obliteration Has Come

To a guitar player, or someone who knows a little about guitars, Apophanous “Obliteration Has Come” opens with a grateful surprise: the long forgotten chorus effect on guitar. I tell that because when we think of building layers of sound, the effects help to accomplish what’s in your mind. And Apophanous’s intent was to come out with something more ethereal in “Origins Of Violence”. Apophanous, as most of their peers, like to deal with the diverse. And that’s healthy to the Metal word. 

“Obliteration Has Come” is an effort to make a difference. Apophanous do it sucessfully in building each song differently. Apophanous vocal duets are really the thing that makes you think that they really thought songs out to come up with something that makes a difference. And Apophanous “Obliteration Has Come” make a difference in the world of thrash metal. I could recognize three different vocal tones in “Obliteration Has Come”. That’s something you don’t see everyday. Specially when it comes to extreme metal.

Now let’s talk about the guitars. Althought there’s only one guitar player in “Obliteration Has Come”, the feeling we get is that there are at least three of them, due to the the diverse guitar playing, tones, and technique. Skilled and resourceful guitar players as Tiago Lima do that all the time. To be creative is the law these days, and Apophanous made their stand. Let’s take “Death Drive” for instance. The guitar solos in there aren’t the expected in a thrash metal song. They are much more Heavy Metal. Let me explain, Tiago Lima builds guitar phrases, calmly and peacefully. Notes come naturally. No need to rush. No need to reach the speed of light. A simple guitar solo, just it. And simple is better. A bunch of simple things make a complex one. That’s Apophanous!

The only thing I didn’t like about Apophanous “Obliteration Has Come” is that there are only four songs.

Track Listing:

  1. Origins Of Violence
  2. Bright Evil Eyes
  3. Like An Angel
  4. Death Drive

You can also stream “Obliteration Has Come” on Bandcamp.

You can watch the official video to “Death Drive” here: