Appice – Sinister

When it comes to two legendary drummers brothers like Carmine and Vinnie you got the highest expectations. And even more when it’s their first album together. Then you read the release info and see a constellation of Metal stars names like Paul Shortino and Craig Goldy, you get even more excited. But, then, you play it on…

I won’t rush and say that “Sinister” is a bad album. Nor that it is a deception. I guess that it is not on the highest levels that we expected. The problem is that “Sinister” looks like a bricolage. It’s full of ups and downs. In a general overview, “Sinister” has a 1980s sound with some dashes of modernity, especially in the opening and self-titled track. As a matter of fact, as “Sinister” being a bricolage of many artists, mostly from the so called hair metal from the 1980s, it’s really no big surprise “Sinister” sounds like this. Each guest left their marks. My opinion is that “Sinister” is much more Carmine’s than Vinnie’s. The tracks sound much more Carmine’s bands than Vinnie’s. I wasn’t able to recognise any Dio or Black Sabbath in them.

My point is that we had high expectations to this effort, and that’s for sure that kind of thing got in the way. “Sinister” is an album that you have to give it a try. I mean, hear it once, and twice, and again, and again. Each time you listen it that feeling goes away. In each you’ll find another different layer of sound that only such fantastic musicians like all guests could manage to do.

And you may ask: What about the drums, after all “Sinister” is a drummer album?

I haven’t forgotten them, just left the best for the end. “Sinister” is a drummer album, but it’s an album. Do you know what I mean? It was conceived to make Carmine and Vinnie shine with all their talent with the sticks. The songs weren’t written to the drums, they are songs of an album which, by the way, belongs to two of the most gifted drummers rock and metal saw. And They shine. Surely they shine. It’s cristal clear that Carmine and Vinnie were free to let it go. To do whatever they pleased. And they did. Experience is really a big deal.

Drummers are such a special kind of musicians, as we all know. They are the guys that stay in the back providing the rhythimic and cadence guidance that a band need. So they don’t need any special time for individual solos because a skilled drummer solo during the song. Listen to “Drum Wars” and “Bros In Drums” to listen to what I’m saying, and you’ll get it.

My advice: Listen to “Sinister” with no high expectations and the wonderfull music the Appice brothers did will take you there.

P.S: It’s such a honor to review this, guys! Thanks you all!

Track Listing:

  1. Sinister
  2. Monsters And Heroes
  3. Killing Floor
  4. Danger
  5. Drum Wars
  6. Riot
  7. Suddenly
  8. In The Night
  9. Future Past
  10. You Got Me Running
  11. Bros In Drums
  12. War Cry
  13. Sabbath Mash

“Sinister” will hit the streets on October 27th via SteamHammer / SPV.

Watch “Monsters And Heroes” lyric video here: