Arcane Sun – ‘S/T’ Review

The fan that likes varied albums can’t complain about Arcane Sun and their self-tittled album. Of course, comparisons are never completely fair but I can’t help it and say that maybe, just maybe, this is the more varied album I’ve ever reviewd here in my five years in this important industry. For the record and for what’s worth this is a re-release of the 1998’s debut album of the band.

This is the album that I found more difficult to point out a drive or an orientation because there are many plot twsits in it. To write about each track thoroughly would take so many lines here and it would bother to hell my fan, so I’ll write about only some of them. I dare to say that there more plot twists in each track of “Arcane Sun” than in many other albums I’ve reviewed. So, if I say that “Arcane Sun” go from Doom Metal to Death Metal I won’t be wrong. The real problem is to tell what is the middle. Take the tracks “We Stood with Time” and “Your Name.” The firts has a long, but very long piano only passage which could be included in any good Classical music album. The second goes from the shoegazed and sleazy Doom to Death Metal in the glimpse of an eye. For sure Arcane Sun are a band that explore very well the mooding and the atmosphere of a song. “Canto II (Arrival and Submergence)” has an amazing vocal variation and a guitar riff that works pretty fine giving the strength and the power to the song. Vocals here also give the sense of despair that is hardly find even in today’s bands.

The kick off track “Canto I (The Search)” can’t give an accurate of this album. On the other hand, it’s a track that invites the fan to go even farther in the album. The fan will have surprise after surprise and I tell you for sure it’s good surprises. “Promised (So Many Years Have Passed),” for instance has a very iteresting and moody keyboarding which takes to a passage that reminds a movie soundtrack and the fan may imagine the forests and the snow and things. The despair the fan felt in “Canto II (Arrival and Submergence)” is all the way gone here. Arcane Sun really know how to deal with emotion in the general sense in their songs.

One can’t say that Arcane Sun musicians are references in their instruments, however all the variation they bring to their music tells that they are really good in what they do as a band. There are bands that only work together and Arcane Sun are one good example.

Arcane Sun S/T will be re-released on July 01st via Sentinel Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Canto I (The Search)
  2. I Was Alive Then
  3. Sundrenched (Beneath the Very Skies We Sought)
  4. Avatar
  5. We Stood with Time
  6. Your Name
  7. Canto II (Arrival, and Submergence)
  8. And the Waters Were Like Wine
  9. Longing for Eden’s Rain (and Winter’s End)
  10. Promised (So Many Years Have Passed)
  11. Endure

Watch “Longing for Eden’s Rain (and Winter’s End)” official lyric video here: