ARCH ENEMY’s ALISSA WHITE-GLUZ: ‘Being Vegan Is The Ultimate Form Of Rebellion’

Alissa White-Gluz

ARCH ENEMY frontwoman Alissa White-Gluz, along with her boyfriend, MISFITS guitarist Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein, recently sat down Brooklyn’s Modern Love to discuss how they see veganism as an extension of metal, punk, and hardcore music, in the new feature on Kerrang! magazine.

They were accompanied by CRO-MAGS singer John Joseph McGowan, and DEFTONES and QUICKSAND bassist Sergio Vega.

“Being vegan is the ultimate form of rebellion,” says Alissa. “It’s taking everything that you’re supposed to do, and going against it. That’s way more f*cking badass than anything else you could do!”

“I learned about veganism through punk rock like CRASS and CONFLICT,” says Sergio. “I always had a desire not to eat the meat, but I didn’t really know I had an option. My family is from Puerto Rico, and my parents would give me a leg to eat, and I would eat it because I thought I had no choice. When I started buying CRASS records, I read the pamphlet [that came with them] that just broke everything down, and that’s when I started the vegan diet. Because of that, my mother, as well as a lot of my family, became vegan or vegetarian.”

Alissa adds: “I always find it funny when people go around saying ‘I can’t afford to be vegan. You’ve eaten vegan! Bananas, cereal, peanut butter — that’s vegan food. Meat and dairy are the actual luxury items. Being vegan is super cheap!”

She also pointed out that veganism isn’t a cure-all for what ails you. Vegan food can be unhealthy, and vegans can be unhappy — the most important part is always principle.

“It’s important for people to know that everyone is different,” Alissa says. “You can’t just go on a diet and expect change. It’s way more than a diet, it’s a lifestyle. It’s an ethical stance. You don’t have to be super religious or spiritual to be vegan.

“You can be vegan and still hate everything,” she says, and then beams at Doyle. “There’s one right here!”

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