Archangel AD – Casus Belli Review

Archangel A.D. Casus Belli Finally a band that decided to explore all the possibilities Metallica opened with their debut album “Kill’em All” and there are plenty of them, if you know what I mean. The raw and energetic power that was once displayed, and never again, on the album is here with Archangel AD “Casus Belli” revisited and improved. It’s fair to say that Archangel AD kind of begins where Metallica stopped, and never visited back. The the gap between “Kill’em All” and “Ride the Lightning” is pretty well-known. Not about quality because both are excelent. I mean intent. “Kill’em All” is raw and latent power with an untamed sonancy, “Ride the Lightning” is polished and it’s the beginning of the stardom. Not really the case to discuss this here.

“Casus Belli” revives  the untamed nature of Metal with it’s powerhouse of riffings and unexpected sonancies. This album shows some surprises that are in a way unexpected in a Metal album. It brings some sonancies that aren’t usual in a Metal album as “Sangre de las Montañas” an acoustic folk song in Spanish. Or the jazzy with a 1970s grip “Door to the Moon.” Both surprises included in an album that borders the early Thrash Metal. Two songs that shows a band that can surprise its fans with songs that aren’t made for them. Many may say so much for the coherence, but I guess Archangel AD intent was to break the mood in a pretty radical way. And they got it.

At first, the feeling the fan may get is that the album is some kind of NWOBHM revival – which would simply be awesome. But soon while going farther in the listening to opening track “Bet on Death” the fan will notice the aforementioned early thrash influences. Therefore, I strongly suggest the fan to go straight ahead to “Blasphemer,” the track that in a few words represents better “Casus Belli” and Archangel AD’s intent of giving their music the “Kill’em All” mood. I just loved its insane and plain guitar riffing that they delivered here. The clear guitar tone did all the magic. It’s so good to listen to all the striking notes what just gives it more power and glory. An album to go to your list, my dear fan and child of the night.

Archangel AD “Casus Belli” will be self-released on July 23rd.

Track Listing:

  1. Bet on Death
  2. Casus Belli
  3. Beacons
  4. Pluto’s Lament
  5. Celestion
  6. Sangre de las montañas
  7. Demonolith
  8. Blasphemer
  9. Door to the Moon

Watch “Eventide” official video here: