ARCHANGEL AD ‘Casus Belli’

Archangel A.D.’s sound is a powerful force comprised of high-speed riffs, shredding leads and dynamic vocals. Formed in 2015, the thrash metallers spent a few years performing live and developing their song writing before releasing the debut EP “Warbandin” the summer of 2018. To date Archangel A.D. have toured and performed with the likes of EYEHATEGOD, Bobaflex, and Adrenaline Mob.

With the pandemic putting a hold on live performances, and any studio recording, Archangel A.D. released a homebrewed acoustic single “Priest of the Void” in April 2020. Fast forwarded to January 2021 and studio recording for their new album “Casus Belli” began. Drawing on a wide array of musical and lyrical themes, the album delivers a powerful offering to the world of thrash whilst including Archangel A.D.’s individual sound. From the brawling bar fight fit for Lemmy presented in “Bet on Death” to the deeply intimate questioning of life and predeterminism in “Door to the Moon,” this album is a fantastic demonstration of ideological exploration through music. Creative influences are drawn from a variety of sources; the inspiration for the track “The Beacons are Lit” will be instantly recognisable to fans of Tolkien. The traditional elements of thrash that make up the iconic sound have a prominent presence throughout the album. Distorted guitars produce the heavy, noisy texture to deliver the subgenre’s notorious aggressive tone. Archangel A.D. haven’t been afraid to diversify their tracks. “Blood of the Mountains” brings an unexpected change of mood to the album with energetic Spanish guitar rhythms and soaring vocal harmonies carrying Spanish lyrics, whilst Door to the Moon presents a serene and haunting track, darkly beautiful with its deep lyrical subject matter.

“Casus Belli” dives between compelling worlds of inspiration. Archangel A.D.’s utterly ludicrous energy, combined with high speeds to produce an ear-splitting sound that has an immense impact. Whilst their genre mixing and haunting soundscapes dive deep into emotional depths, unveiling the other sides to their music. “Casus Belli” is a journey of emotional intensity and power; it is a sheer emotional rollercoaster, and one you’ll want to revisit again and again.

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Archangel A.D. Casus Belli