ARCHITECTS Forced To Pause Show After Man Rushed On Stage And Attacked Guitarist (Video)

Architects 2022

On the opening night of their Australian tour, February 17, ARCHITECTS were performing their 2012 single “These Colours Don’t Run” when a man unexpectedly rushed the stage and tried to attack guitarist Josh Middleton. As reported in NME, the individual also yelled profanities into the microphone.

Fortunately, the security personnel responded quickly, forcibly removing the heckler from the location and turning him over to the police. It was reportedly said that the fan had been bothering the lead singer Sam Carter beforehand, insisting that the band perform the earlier materiel they had done with the late guitarist Tom Searle, who died in 2016.

After the disruptive individual had been escorted away, Sam address the crowd, saying: “To turn around and see someone f**king run onstage, and f**king run at Josh… And f**king grab the mic and start shouting whatever the f**k he was shouting – that is f**king insane.”

“This isn’t a f**king game, this is our f**king lives. I don’t know who the f**k that person thinks they are, to come up onstage and f**king try and assault Josh or f**king do whatever they were – but the other f**king thing is, when he was on the f**king floor, screaming in my f**king face, telling me to respect Tom and play some f**king old songs – I’ll tell you what, we were just playing the f**king oldest song in the set, you stupid f**k.”

“We respect Tom every single f**king day of our lives and every single moment that this band has continued on with. So to turn around and [see] that my f**king best friend is being f**king attacked by somebody, get the f**k out of here. It’s just music.” This is the thing that people need to understand, this s**t that goes on the internet – the way that people f**king talk to each other – it can’t f**king carry on like this. It’s just f**king music. We’re just up here doing our f**king best – there’s no need for violence, there’s no need to run up onstage and do this s**t in 20-f**king-23.”

Clip of the Sam‘s speech can be seen below.