ARCHITECTS‘ lead singer Sam Carter is featured in the new “FINAL FANTASY XIV” video cinematic trailer, as he sings it’s theme song.

The theme itself starts off dark and moody, building in intensity with Carter offering a more breathy and hypnotic vocal before things start to pick up. By the end, it’s more of a full-belting vocal giving listeners a broad view of his range. You can hear the epic musical piece sound-tracking the action in the game cinematic trailer provided below.

How about those amazing vocals in the trailer? The #Endwalker theme was performed by Sam Carter from @ArchitectsUK!,” tweeted out the Final Fantasy XIV Twitter account with a graphic notating Carter‘s involvement, Carter responded: “Really proud to have been part of this.”

The Final Fantasy XIV Online: Endwalker game expansion will arrive on November 23rd, but for now you can hear Carter singing over the trailer for the game in the video below.

ARCHITECTS new album For Those Who Wish To Exist hit No. 1 on the UK Weekly Charts in March.

‘For Those Who Wish To Exist’ is the ninth studio album by British metalcore band ARCHITECTS. It was released on February 26th 2021 through Epitaph Records. The album was produced by Dan Searle and Josh Middleton.