Arion – Life Is Not Beautiful

If you allow me, I’ll kick this review off by the album title “Life Is Not Beautiful.” I many ways I agree with this statement, as you may have noticed by my writings. The more I want to fight this feeling, the more I realize it is true. So sorry, I can’t fight it anymore. Life is ugly. On second thought, who is ugly: life or humankind? As far as I am concerned, it is humankind. Nevermind.

The real matter is Arion and their album “Life Is Not Beautiful,” which the way I see it is like a bricolage of sound. Arion’s music is modern, and as their peers, many aspects are involved into it. Arion are the meeting point of a rich Metal traditional and a bright Metal music future. Into “Life Is Not Beautiful” one can find many elements of the good old Heavy Metal interweaven with new elements as some electronic effects and vocals. If you begin your listening process with tracks like “Through Your Falling Tears,” you’ll get the idea that Arion is an alternative or modern Metal band. But following track “Unforgivable” set you apart from this idea. It addresses you directly to Blind Guardian due to vocals and instrumental. Mostly vocals. It’s precisely what “Life Is Not Beautiful” is; this bricolage of the good old and the bright future.

As a matter of fact, considering everything written above, title track “Life Is Not Beautiful” sums it all up in its six-minute length. Its length allows Arion to show all the influences they’ve got like a tour to Heavy Metal influences around time. As ironic as it may seem, following acoustic track “Last One Falls” is a trip to the past. As gentle as the soft wind, “Last One Falls” piano is amazing and beautiful. It also does remind Blind Guardian. So sorry, guys, if you don’t like them, but to me it sounds alike. I talk a lot, I know.

Arion “Life Is Not Beautiful” will be released on October 19th via AFM Records.

Track Listing:

  1. The End of the Fall
  2. No One Stands in My Way
  3. At The Break of Dawn (Feat. Elize Ryd)
  4. The Last Sacrifice
  5. Through Your Falling Tears
  6. Unforgivable
  7. Punish You
  8. Life Is Not Beautiful
  9. Last One Falls
  10. Last Of Us (Version 2018)
  11. Seven (Version 2018)
  12. I Am The Storm

Watch “Unforgivable” official video here: