Armored Dawn – Power Of Warrior

How to make a difference in today’s metal world full of  great bands? What’s the difference between cheesy and full of emotion? How to get all Manowar’s musical spirit, heart and soul not sounding like Manowar? How can a band write songs full of keyboards, choruses, and clean voices without being boring or to pretentious?

The answer to all those questions is a simple two-worded name: Armored Dawn!

I have no doubt to say that Armored Dawn’s “Power of Warrior” is an instant classic in a time when we all worship classics but we’re not able to make them anymore!

Armored Dawn brought back an ancient, and long gone, art of making an album as if telling a history. Each track of “Power of Warrior” fits perfectly to each other making a complete musical chart.

“Someone” is a song that sounds like the perfect match of Deep Purple and Manowar. Jon Lord’s keyboard tone plus Manowar full hearted harmonic cadence, and that’s it, the perfect match! “William Fly” has the same vibe with lyrics in Portuguese and English. “Viking Soul” can capture, if it is possible, the surreal atmosphere of a sea travel in a drakkar. You can feel the smell of salty water and the waves hitting the boat while you wait for the battle to came.

Armored Dawn is a band that works pretty well together. The guitar duo work in a perfect synch, the keyboards do a great job highlighting the songs by giving them a Deep Purple sound, the bass and the drums are nice working together, but I mus say that who gives the band its personality is vocalist Eduardo Parras. A few people sing like him nowadays. Very few can sing with all that heart and emotion and, even though, give the power and agression needed in a metal band.

Track Listing:

  1. Viking Soul
  2. To Blind To See
  3. Prison
  4. My Heart
  5. Power Of Warrior
  6. Far Away
  7. Mad Train
  8. Glances In The Dark
  9. King
  10. Someone
  11. William Fly

You can watch the official video “Viking Soul” below.