Armory – The Search

It’s been some time I don’t hear a band with a melodic punk grip like Armory. They bring back a hidden treasure of NWOBHM that is the punk grip. Iron Maiden had it in their first album, though Steve Harris hates to tell.  Many don’t know, but Metal and punk besides the quarrels had something to share. It was about the pure energy and youth rebellion. Though Metal is musical movement, punk is more a social thing. Metal survived; punk, well… Armory remind a lot bands like Tank and Warfare, but with more melody and guitar solos. The same frentic riffings and nervous drumming. Though with an old grip, Armory is actually fresh air. I suppose bands have to show some rage in their efforts. Metal is allegedly about rebellion.

Armory go direct to the point. There’s no concessions in their music. That’s the spirit I keep on telling, guys! Straight ahead music with power guitars and musical rebellion full of heart and soul. I guess the motto Armory follow is “Step on it, bro” due to the high speed songs all over “The Search.” But it’s pre-speed of light speed, okay? It seems like the guys don’t take a break. Well, the way I see it, pretty much high octaned music. The kind that makes you bang nonstop throughout the album.

“The Search” begins with some guitar effects and a mesmerizing AC/DCish guitar line giving wrong impression of what is to come. But suddenly the right-in-your-face classical metal begins with the aforementioned punk influence. The thing is that Armory go beyond. “The Search” is very well played album. But the energy stands out. Neverthless, Armory are a powerhouse of an energetic music. Vocalist Konstapel P does a pretty good bouncing between punkish vocals and more classical Metal ones. But if you expected a simple guitar playing, the guitar duo G.Sundin and Ingelman is sometimes complex as well. They make an interesting duel in “Rise Above.” Anglegrinder, bassist, and Ace, drummer do the rest of the magic.

So is “The Search” a pretty good album if you want a high energized classical Metal.

Armory “The Search” will be released on August 13th via Highroller Records.

Track Listing:

  1. The Search
  2. Hyperion
  3. Rise Above
  4. Star Voyage
  5. Vault Seven
  6. Bringer of Light
  7. Heavy Metal Impact
  8. The Twin Suns of Solaris
  9. Utomjordisk Dominans
  10. Polymorphic Intruders
  11. Hisingen Warriors

Watch “Hypperion” official lyric video here: